Welcome to the Frederick County Senior Recreation Council

Please join the SRC so that you can participate in our activities.     

You must register for the Senior Recreation Council each year to remain a member.

  • You can print the form below (scroll down) and fill it out in ink or you can type your data.  See below for instructions if needed.
  • We need to have a signed waiver on file for each participant, which means we need to have a form filled out for each participant.  Please print legibly.
  • Identification of an Emergency Contact and an Emergency Daytime Telephone Number ensures we can notify whoever you want in case of an emergency. Mishaps occur infrequently, but they do occur, and on those occasions we may need emergency contact information quickly.
  • We do not share e-mail addresses with anyone outside of SRC.
  • IMPORTANT: Please circle all Senior Recreation Council activities in which you are currently participating or intend to participate during 2020. This lets us inform those activity coordinator(s) of your interest. You will receive information you need and the activity coordinator will know that you are registered when you come to an activity.

If any of the information changes during the year please let us know about those changes as soon as possible

 by calling Pam Beale at 240-285-1491.

Your signature at the bottom, acknowledging waiver of liability, is required!

Don’t forget to include $15 for yearly dues.

Upon completion of the form, please enclose it in an envelope with your check to: 

Pam Beale

6891 Snowberry Court

Frederick, MD 21703

Registration Form Instructions (pdf)


SRC 2019 Registration Form (pdf)


SRC 2020 Registration Form (1) (pdf)